The Importance Of Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors

With Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week just gone by, it’s hard to overstate the importance of life-saving detectors. The charity Nolan’s Story and Gravenhurst Home Hardware paired together in order to provide 100 carbon monoxide detectors to the Gravenhurst fire department, which will help the volunteers who donate their time there to better serve the community as a whole. It’s time to spread the all-too-important awareness of fire and carbon monoxide safety.

All right, so everyone knows they should have a smoke detector. But what kind? There are two primary types of smoke detectors: photoelectric and ionized, or both in combination. Ionized detectors will better detect hotter, faster burning fires, while photoelectric detectors will do a better job at letting you know when you have a slower burning, smoldering fire.

Either detector will do the job, but a combination detector will help give you the small bit of extra time you need to escape from a potentially dangerous blaze. Those homes without properly working smoke detectors are more likely to have fatalities in the event of a fire.

Once you know you’re prepared for a fire, it’s time to think about something else you can’t see: carbon monoxide. It’s a poisonous gas that could surprise you because it’s odorless. You can’t see it. Most people don’t know that the appliances in your home can give off this gas. So long as they’re working, carbon monoxide detectors will signal you that there’s a problem before you experience any symptoms from inhalation. It’s a worthwhile investment.

The best carbon monoxide alarms include specialized electrochemical-sensing technology to increase the speed of detection.

Sometimes it’s not enough to place these devices in your home. You have to do a simple extra step to make sure they function properly: perform a monthly check to ensure that the batteries are still working. If not, changing them is crucial and could save your life.

Depending on where you live, you might also reap the added rewards of early detection. Many homeowner policies will offer insurance discounts to those who can prove they have the right detectors installed. It’s mutually beneficial, so do the right thing and make sure you have both detectors installed today.