Fire Safety: Tips for High-Rise Apartment Redsidents

One of the biggest threats to your life in a high-rise apartment can be a fire. After all, high-rise fires have been the result of many catastrophes in American history; claiming chunks of lives in one foul swoop. The smallest spark can have a life of its own, quickly growing into a blaze that’s engulfing the building. The scent of smoke and the roar of the flames rushing through the halls of the building will send high-rise dwellers into panic mode.

If you live in a high-rise apartment building, don’t take fire safety lightly. Even if you are a cautious person, another person living in the same building may be careless. In the event of a fire, remember to stay calm and think before you act.

Fire Safety Tips

We have gone ahead and put together a list of fire safety tips from sources like Insurance Information Institute. While some of these tips are specific to high-rise fires, most of them can be applied across platforms.

    • I know, it seems insane telling someone in the middle of a fire not to panic. Staying calm will help you think straight and remember the tips to come.
  • Even if the smoke is light in the apartment, don’t stand up.
    • While the smoke may not seem thick, inhaling it can be detrimental to your chances of survival. Cover your mouth and stay low.
  • Personal belongings aren’t worth it.
    • Don’t bother gathering all of your personal belongings. The only thing you should make sure to grab is your keys because you may need to turn back if the fire is blocking the stairwell.
  • Feel the door before opening it.
    • Use the back of your hand to feel if the door is hot. If the door is hot, do not open the door, the fire is right outside. If the door is not hot, use the door to exit your apartment. Then find the nearest staircase and exit the building.
  • If you’re unable to leave your apartment, wait for help.
    • If the fire is right outside your door, do your best to cover and vents or crevices that the smoke can seep through. The fire department even suggests putting wet towels or sheets at the base of your doors.
  • Don’t jump!
    • I repeat, DON’T JUMP. This is an important one. When you jump out of the window, not only will you supply the fire with more oxygen, but you might not survive the fall.

We hope that you will remember some of these tips if you’re ever involved in a high-rise fire. Always remember to practice fire safety. While another person may not, you can sleep easy knowing that you are doing your part to keep the building safe.