8 Teens Killed In Chicago Fire Reminds Of Fire Safety

There are some lessons that we all really should remember and put into practice before someone gets hurt.

One of those lessons is about protecting property and family from fires. It should never take a group of kids perishing in a fire to remind us to pay attention to our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in our homes.

Amidst all the shootings every week, Chicagoans seem to get complacent about fires in lieu of firearms.

It was a simple safety issue such as smoke detectors that led to the deaths of eight teenagers in a house fire in Chicago recently, with two other teens in critical condition in the hospital after suffering burns and smoke inhalation. The fire started in the rear of the house and there was a clear exit out of the house, but smoke detectors in the home were not functioning, so there was no alarm sound to wake up the teens so they could get out of the house.

This incident brought to mind reminders for everyone about basic fire safety in the home, which means taking care of smoke detectors:

  • Check them every month to make sure they are functioning, and the proper alarm sound goes off.
  • Change the batteries every six months, even if they never get used.
  • Make sure there is a smoke detector in every bedroom and on every level of the house, including basements and attic spaces that are livable.
  • In addition, make sure there is a fire door that leads from the garage or carport into the house and ensures it closes properly and can be locked.

The two surviving teens are fighting for their lives, and they will likely have a lot of work to do to get healthy again, assuming they get out of the woods and recover. Not only are there battles with internal injuries, but it’s likely that the teens will need some help with their skin, as fire and smoke  have likely scarred and discolored their skin and the work will require skin grafts as well as other post-op therapies such as what might be offered as dermatology clinics similar to Unique Dermatology and Wellness, which usually have the latest therapies to restore the skin as close to normal as possible in the wake of such a horrific  event.

It is a long road to recovery for those teens who survived. For the community, this tragedy is a stark reminder of how a simple preventive act like checking smoke detectors for functionality can be a huge difference between everyone getting out alive, and having eight promising young lives snuffed out before they even have a chance to start impacting our world.

Even one life lost is too many if it could have been avoided.